AXIS EUROLINK, sister company of VAEX The Livestock Traders, has its own modern fleet of vehicles to transport livestock. The trucks are easily recognisable by their red and grey company colours and the revealing slogan 't Komt Goed' (It's going to be all right). Because the company has a large and diverse fleet, it is very flexible and can be used in many areas. And all this worldwide!

AXIS EUROLINK's planning department acts as a spider in the web between farmers, buyers, traders, integrators and drivers. The planning of all journeys is done in one place, from the home base in Reek.

fleet of vehicles

The choice of the type of transport depends on factors such as distance, climate, numbers and species. AXIS EUROLINK specialises in both short and long distances. All means of transport used by the company are equipped with modernised tracking and communication systems. The vehicles are also equipped with fans and drinking facilities and are specially equipped for the optimal transport of animals.


AXIS EUROLINK brings the livestock sector and livestock transport closer together and ensures that both disciplines can work together more efficiently.

This means for the livestock transporter:

- Fewer empty returns
- A higher yield per kilometre
- More efficient planning

This means for the animal husbandry/trader:

- Finding the right transporter
- At the right time
- In the right place

return freight

In our opinion, the return of cattle transport is too rare. This is a shame, because parties can often help each other out here, where less 'empty kilometres' can be the result. After unloading the animals, the vehicles are thoroughly cleaned in accordance with the protocol, so that safe and clean transport options are available for each product.


EU authorized resting stable

In view of the current transport guidelines, it is necessary to leave long distance transports from Western Europe to Eastern Europe that take more than a day to complete during transport. The stable in Anhoka is an excellent location for this. Anhoka (ANimal HOtel KAposvar) is a sister company of AXIS EUROLINK, which enables us to guarantee the quality and health of the animals during these stops.