About us

AXIS EUROLINK is the logistics partner specialised in the transport of livestock. The name refers to the pivotal role we play in the network of suppliers and customers. We stand for the connecting role we play in enabling customers at home and abroad to cooperate optimally. - AXIS Eurolink: Connecting Livestock Chains

working method

Why do relationships see us as the logistics partner in livestock transport? We have an eye for quality, customer focus, care, decisiveness and the will to win. We are the spider in the web between suppliers, buyers and drivers. Hereby we relieve our customers from organization, transport, up to and including complete document and customs handling. Naturally, we consider animal welfare to be very important.


How do we do this?

Through the combination of entrepreneurial blood and an increasingly professional organisation. This means continuing to take a critical look at your organisational structure, where ICT offers more and more opportunities for efficiency gains. This is why we try to stay ahead of the competition with our wonderful team of which we are proud.



AXIS EUROLINK is a sister company of VAEX The Livestock Traders. Within the company, the logistics activities are bundled in such a way that focus, independence and an improved commercial objective can be achieved.

The VAEX Group has been internationally oriented for more than 45 years. As a result, the family name Govers has been linked to the trade and transport of pigs and cattle for many years. From generation to generation, family members are active in this sector. AXIS EUROLINK's vehicle fleet covers the whole of Europe on a daily basis and even some countries outside Europe.




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